Hello! I am an Illustrator, Printmaker, comic artist, and art student. I work a day job as a brounie at a local hotel, turning down beds and leaving mints. I don't post very often, sometimes I'll post all at once, mainly because I lazy when it comes to queuing. I post about robots, and half started art pieces that I sometimes finish. If you just want to see finished work you can click the link to my illustration Tumblr D.J.D. Illustration down below.


My birthday is tomorrow, so Misha and me made a rainbow cake to share with our friends this morning! Jesy drew me a dinosaur on the cake.



spgworld reblogged your photo “Secret Agent Banjo This came about from several things. One of them being me continuously referring to Michael as…”

How did you find this?? It’s like two years old!!! That’s like something being lost for a hundred years!

Haha a while ago I must ave asked you for a link on deviant for the Features of the Day.

Oh yeah, I do remember getting an message about that. I had forgotten until now. That’s super cool of you for featuring my artwork! Thank You!